Giant Smart Charger 36V, 6A , 5 pins with UK/Euro Power Plugs


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Giant 5 pin smart charger for 36V Energypak 500 internal downtube battery. For Giant e-bikes (Model years 2019/20).

(Model year 2019)

  • Trance E+
  • Stance E+
  • Intrigue E+
  • Embolden E+
  • Dailytour E+
  • Fathom E+1 & E+2 Pro
  • LIV Vall-E+1 Pro

(Model year 2020)

  • Fathom E+
  • FastRoad E+
  • Explore E+ Pro
  • Trance E+
  • Reign E+
  • Stance E+

The charger is supplied with both UK and European power leads. Before ordering, please check that the number of pins in the charging connector is correct.