Questions about Batteries

Q1. Why do I have to pay a £20 carriage for the delivery of my battery?

The higher carriage cost is because an electric bike's lithium Ion battery transported alone to any UK/European destination is classified as dangerous goods. The battery needs to transported in accordance with ADR 2017 and this requires extra documentation and different handling. All our electric bike batteries are shipped using transport companies that are fully compliant with the ADR regulations.

Q2. How many extra miles could I achieve using a larger capacity battery?

Bosch has created a range assistance to allow you to calculate the range using the battery capacity and ride conditions.


Typically, an increase in battery capacity of 100Wh will lengthen your ride by around 10 miles or an extra 1 hour of cycle time.

Q3. How can I get a replacement battery to exactly colour match my ebike?

eBike manufacturers apply decals or stickers to the battery's case to integrate the graphics on your battery to the eBike’s frame. You can now purchase a battery kit which contains the highest capacity li-ion battery and a set of decals to match your ebike.

Q4. How should I store my battery?

Always store your battery in a dry environment and protect from direct sunlight, at a room temperature of around 15° to 20°C. The ideal storing charging level for a battery is between 30% and 60%.

Q5. How do I correctly charge my ebike battery?

Each manufacturer has written a guide which outlines the correct operation to charge and maintain your battery. You find out more information by consulting the manufacturer's guide.

Q6. What’s is the correct way to clean a battery

Never use a pressure washer to clean the battery and always remove the battery when cleaning your eBike. It’s recommended that you clean the battery using a damp cloth using a suitable cleaner like Muc-off.

Q7. If my battery fails during the warranty period, what do I need to do?

In the first instance, you'll need to contact our service department by telephone to raise a warranty case. To troubleshoot the battery, we may instruct you to perform some basic electrical checks to ascertain the nature of the fault. Not charging the battery for long periods or short circuiting the output and blowing an internal fuse are common problems and are classified as battery handling faults and not covered under warranty. You will need to complete a non-conformance report and we will issue you with a returns label. We will arrange with our dangerous goods transport company to collect your battery at a convenient date/time. The battery must be re-packed and returned in the original dangerous goods approved packaging, so you will need to retain this box.

The battery shall be tested and checked using our diagnostic equipment and if its confirmed as defective, you will receive a new replacement or a repaired battery free of charge. If the battery has been used outside its specification or operated or maintained not in accordance with the manufacturer’s product manual, then we reserve the right to charge you for any repairs and out of pocket expenses.

Questions about Chargers

Q1 What's the correct way to charge and store my Giant Energpak battery?

Giant have produced a very good video illustrating the correct handling and storage of your battery to extend the battery's life.

Q2. If I upgrade my ebike's 36V battery, will I need to buy a new charger?

A manufacturer’s 36V charger will be compatible with the same manufacturer’s 36V battery. The charger that was originally supplied with the ebike should be capable of charging your new battery.

Q3. Will my charger be compatible with the battery?

Giant, Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha chargers are rated at 36v, 4A, so you can typically charge a 500Wh battery in around 4 hours. However, some earlier chargers from Giant and Bosch were rated at 36V, 2A resulting in a charging time of 8 hours.

Questions about Dispays

Q1. I have a damaged 2014 Bosch Intuvia Class+ Line display, can I get a replacement?

The original Bosch Intuvia Classic+ Line display was silver and has been discontinued by Bosch. The Bosch Intuvia Active Line display is a direct replacement and has a platinum coloured case.

Questions about eBikes

Q1. What's the warranty on a battery or any electrical item purchased from the Electric Garage Shop

We're very confident in the quality of the manufacturer’s products and offer a standard two year warranty on a new battery and one year warranty on all other electrical parts.

Q2. How can I increase my ebike range, so I can enjoy a longer cycle ride?

Giant has produce a video with some good tips.